VRC Spiky Zaphire Hair 👾

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Hair Style - Spiky Zaphire 💎

Spiky hair style with very nice movements that will make you can express yourself with your avatar if this is what you are looking for to complete your new style.

the unity package comes with extra textures besides the ones you can see in the video, remember to follow the instructions for the correct movement of the hair, the unity package and the blender file are available at the moment of purchase.

you can change the size of the hair inside unity to adapt it to any avatar you want. 💜



  • Easy to set up
  • Original design for your avatar
  • Adaptable to avatar's head
  • Compatible for VrChat - NeosVr - ChilloutVr - Etc.
  • Physbones compatible

How to set it up?




YT Tutorial

Adjust our avatar if necessary

click on the avatar's body until you see the blendshapes label, expand it and look for


set Floof_HeadTop_flat = 100 ✔️

the head will be flatter and softer to keep the hair out of the way

1) You import the poiyomi shader if you haven't done it before.


2) You import the unity package that you downloaded to the unity project where you will upload your avatar.


3) Now in the hierarchy table you will find your avatar,

click to open it-> armature-> Hips-> Spine-> Chest-> Neck-> Head.

Now that you have reached the head, drag the 3d model of the hair to hierarchy table, then drag the 3d model of the hair to 'head' , so that it stays attached to your avatar.

4) Configure Physbones to your liking, for better results as I will leave it in the following image...

the hairroot bone will be where we will work to install the PhysBones, hairroot is located just one slot inside the hair armor, then add the PhysBone plugin in hairroot and then drag the hairroot to the root box to detect all the bones.



--->https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader (Free)<---



  • The purchase only includes the hair
  • The avatar and texture are not included in the purchase, no refunds are allowed, more details at the bottom of the page.

so that the avatar mesh does not get in the way of the hair you will need to use a blendshape that comes with the avatar body that will hide the peaks of the head making it flatter, I will show you how to do it.

  1. If some kind of error happens, it may be that the hair has had some conflict with some shader that you have had before, if so, try to only import the fbx of the hair and the material of the hair, then you import the poiyomi shader and it would be ready.
  2. Can be used for public avatars in vrc.
  3. Do not redistribute to others.
  4. commercial use is not allowed, like selling avatars with hair, if you make a commission for a and want this hair the customer will have to buy it separately or you as a gift.
  5. Don't forget to leave your vote 💜!
  6. The avatar and texture are for hair demonstration only and are not included in the purchase. !
  7. Refunds are not allowed as it is a replicable product, refunds will only be made for unintentional amounts above the minimum cost and only the difference of the gross cost of the asset will be refunded. to protect me from scammers.
  • Hair Asset, Blender file, Unity package

  • Unity Package
  • Blender File
  • Style
  • Hair Asset, Blender file, Unity package
  • Unity Package✔️
  • Blender File✔️
  • Style ✔️✔️✔️✔️


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VRC Spiky Zaphire Hair 👾

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